About Us


Marketing is certainly nothing new. People have been marketing their wares for millennia.  Don’t believe us, here’s a clip from Mel Brook’s History of the World:

However, CRM and Enterprise Marketing Management, as we know it today, is relatively new.  Covalent’s executive team (Stanton and Ryan) found themselves immersed in this latest iteration of marketing beginning in the early 2000’s – before it became mainstream.  Our diverse backgrounds, curiosity and innovative approaches fueled our experiences as this space developed.

It was clear to us early on that this new style of targeted marketing works best when it spans across the historically rigid lines dividing Marketing and IT.  In order to get the best results you need to lead with a business approach so you can extract the true value of the marketing technology.  However, to our surprise this idea of Marketing and IT sharing a serious, committed partnership was not so obvious to others (at least in practice) as it was to us.

Even today there are still technical integration firms so heads down on getting the software running they just automate broken processes, and strategy firms focused so much on the marketing details they make it impossible to implement.  It was this rampant square peg/round hole mentality that led us to branch out in January of 2007 and create Covalent Marketing.

Since our inception we’ve been focused on architecting smarter marketing.  It starts with listening to each client, understanding their desires and behaviors and delivering innovative approaches resulting in an equal value exchange between that customer and your organization.

To this day, our pragmatic Marketing/IT, business first approach has served us well.  We have only received praise about our approach and the way in which we conduct our projects.  We look beyond the short-term, focused on ensuring long-term success.  Come to think of it, perhaps that’s why so many people keep hiring us back.

Along the way we’ve grown from a just a few people, to a group of intelligent consultants who share the same beliefs and passion in marketing and technology.