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2 / 15 / 2009

Aprimo Summit 2009


During this past week we attended the Aprimo Marketing Summit 2009 where Covalent Marketing was a sponsor.  Here are a few observations and learning from our time in San Diego:

  • In the Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) space there is a significant spike in Campaign Management (CM) projects, versus Marketing Resource Management (MRM), due to CM’s ability to increase revenue – not just cut operating costs.
  • Aprimo will be changing the name of their CM tool from eCM to MCM which stands for Multi-Channel Campaign Mananagement.
  • There is a lot of fried food in Iowa
  • Every organization should take a look inward and determine where they stand on the Marketing Operation Maturity Model:Ad Hoc → Repeatable → Managed → Optimized�
    Though everyone wants to reach an Optimized state few can obtain it.  Maybe they need our help?
  • Kodak’s new Design2Launch tool will be a big complement to Aprimo’s suite of tool since it can actually create digital assest.

And in case you missed us, here’s a picture of us at the Summit:


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