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7 / 30 / 2012

Is It Marketing Innovation? Square Edition


How do you pay for everyday purchases like groceries or your shoe habit? If you are like me, you whip out your credit card and not think about what that transaction just cost the retailer with whom you’ve just dealt. Most merchants become equipped to accept credit cards in exchange for purchasing a card reader plus a monthly fee and percentage of each transaction.  While the card reader is a one-time expense, the on-going fees are a bigger challenge: as high as 4% of every sale. read more »

7 / 27 / 2012

Is It Marketing Innovation? The Bird Poop Edition


Today’s topic is actually simple: when a company uses an infographic to engage their audience via new media (in this case, Twitter), does it count as innovation? read more »

7 / 25 / 2012

Is It Marketing Innovation? Warby Parker Edition


The founders of Warby Parker have a new vision for prescription eyewear: take it from bland designs for shocking prices and turn to stylish pieces for college-student budgets. On top of that, the company has learned from online-retail moguls such as Zappos in their approach to consumer goods, allowing for a hassel-free return program with Nordstrom-level customer service. This online service also extends into the physical, staying in touch with the company’s roots when prospective customers were invited to try on frames in the founders’ apartment. Now, customers can play with the online try-on function using self-portraits, or select five styles of frames to be shipped to their home, to try on in-person. read more »

7 / 23 / 2012

Is It Marketing Innovation? Ouya Edition


Some would argue that there hasn’t been a major change in the gaming industry since 2006 (XBOX 360 and PS3).  Others might argue that the last major change came in 2010 with the Microsoft Kinect.  Either way, it seems way too long since transformation has gripped an industry generally considered “ever-changing.”  However, Ouya (prounounced “Oh Yeah”) is looking to change that.  Currently being backed on Kickstarter, Ouya is looking to bring an app-based gaming system to households for under $100.  All games will start with a 60 free trial period, after which the developers can pursue any revenue model they wish (paid, advertising, freemium, premium, etc.). read more »