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9 / 27 / 2012

Audi Gives Us A Different Kind of “Test-Drive”


Imagine walking into an auto dealership that didn’t have any automobiles.  Imagine sitting down in a black leather bucket seat, surrounded only by LED screens – but still somehow looking into a dashboard and out of a windshield.  What if you could reach out, push a button and “start” the car, turn up the music, feel the A/C blow onto your hands?  What if you could “lift” the hood and hear the engine run?

Audi just took a big step towards this type of showroom experience.  The first Audi virtual showroom opened in London for the Olympics.  When you walk into their virtual showroom, you will not be greeted with physical cars – instead, you’ll come across large touchscreens where you can select your preferred Audi options.  From there, your car will be displayed on the wall – yes, the entire wall.  You’ll have the ability to customize your car and purchase it right there – a more enjoyable experience than most of us are used to at a car showroom full of salesmen.   read more »

9 / 24 / 2012

IBM Smarter Commerce in Review from a Unica partner perspective


Going in to the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit (SCGS) I knew this show would not be the replacement for Unica’s Marketing Information Summit (a.k.a. MIS) of old.  For starters, Unica is now just one of four softwares that IBM has packaged together in to their EMM suite of tools (Unica, Coremetrics, DemandTec and TeaLeaf).

So shedding as many preconceived notions as I could, I tried to ride the show like a surfer on a fresh wave.  And while I was able to carve some of my own paths at the show, I was still at the mercy of the unstoppable wave, always pushing forward.  There were high profile key notes, IBM partner sessions, software specific breakout sessions and general networking events. read more »

9 / 20 / 2012 Project – September


I am stoked that it is my turn to determine this month’s DonorsChoose donation from Covalent Marketing. As has been the case for most of my colleagues, I have found a subject that I hold very close to my heart. I have decided that Covalent Marketing will donate to Mrs. Bedilion’s guitar class in Avondale, Arizona. read more »

9 / 19 / 2012

Topshop Brings Fashion to your Fingertips


Love it or hate it, clothing and accessories represent a perpetual motion outlet of culture, creativity, and personal expression. (For a deeper look into fashion and innovation, this TED talk is a fantastic 15 minutes) Each retailer and fashion house seeks to deliver the next breakthrough experience on the market.  As for me, I was hopeful this would come with Topshop, headed for new ground in this fall’s Fashion Week.

The Concept

Working with international Fashion Week, Topshop’s show promised to be a new experience for those fashionistas watching from home. From their couches and computer desks, customers and creatives would have new opportunities to interact with the show. read more »