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10 / 30 / 2012

Trend Watching as a Discipline


Industries and environments are changing faster than ever.  Having the ability to spot trends and know what is around the corner is a more valuable skill than ever.  In fact, it is’s sole discipline.  They have a global network of over 2000 spotters in over 120 countries that specialize in spotting and curating consumer trends.

Being a premium service member, Covalent Marketing has access to Trendwatching’s monthly reports and snapshots of global trends.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you, my five favorite recent trends that Trendwatching has given us.  read more »

10 / 26 / 2012

“Adventure is out there!” DonorsChoose Project October 2012


Not only a great line from one of my favorite animated movies, this reminds us that to find adventure we first have to get “out there.” In this light, this month’s Donors Choose donation will be going towards Mr. Szymanski at a local Chicago school. read more »

10 / 24 / 2012

Contact Optimization Steps to Success


Contact fatigue is a growing epidemic. Every morning, people around the world open email inboxes filled with dozens of emails from stores, discount shopping sites, daily deal sites, facebook updates and robotically start hitting delete. They routinely come home from work, grab the mail, sort out the bills, and throw the “junk mail” into the recycling bin. I even recall a time where we took the phone off the hook so telemarketers would not call us at dinner time.  This is why contact optimization is important. read more »

10 / 22 / 2012

Reputation Economy: LinkedIn, Maybe. Klout, Don’t.


The reputation economy is an outcome of the abundance of digitized information about who we are and what we deliver – whether in our work, our daily lives, our reviews of products, restaurants and services. We place an inherent amount of trust in other peoples reviews. Detailed reviews of product features and menu items provide us consideration points to guide decision making. Importantly, we value the reviewer and the contents of review in the defined context of the situation in which we are looking to apply the information. For a hotel, a colleague of mine wants it close to the office. I want a comfortable desk. We value the components of that room differently. However, I wouldn’t trust those hotel reviewers to provide me guidance on how to hire a great consultant. read more »