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5 / 4 / 2010

Twitter for Transactional Tracking


This April at Chirp, the first ever official conference for Twitter developers, Twitter shared its latest statistics about its service; and the scale of these numbers is mind-boggling: read more »

6 / 11 / 2009

Being more efficient with Continuous Integration Testing


In my last blog entry, I wrote a sample letter to the marketing director of a fictional organization showcasing the benefits of why they should ‘virtualize’ their database marketing environment. Continuing the idea of how to build a better database marketing environment I wanted to follow up by talking about a process that can be used in nearly all database marketing environment, Continuous Integration Testing. read more »

4 / 28 / 2009

The Benefits of Virtualizing the Marketing Environment


With customized database marketing automation continuously growing, I thought it would be an interesting idea to write a mock letter that could apply to many companies out there who are no longer “new” to database marketing. This letter is a proposal to port an existing marketing environment to a virtual machine. The marketing environment in the example below is a couple of years old, and highly successful in its current implementation. The business processes for the campaign development lifecycle are robust and there are no immediate plans to modify the existing environment. read more »

2 / 19 / 2009

A “Tweet” About Meat


Lately, the blogosphere has been abuzz about the fast growing social site Twitter ( Twitter is a micro-blogging site that has experienced a phenomenal growth rate of 900% in the past year, bringing its unique user base up to approximately 6 million people.  You may have recently come across, or heard about, Twitter in relation to the plane crash of US Airways flight 1549. After the crash a nearby observer “tweeted” the picture of the plane in water to before any established media outlets were even aware of the incident. read more »