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4 / 28 / 2015

Indispensable Versus Irreplaceable


“Indispensable” and “Irreplaceable” are, on the surface, seemingly similar words.  However, as marketers it’s critical to be able to distinguish between them or you might be tinkering with marketing things you otherwise shouldn’t. read more »

1 / 7 / 2015

The Internet of Things < The Internet of ME and how Marketers must adjust


Though I am not physically present at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, I am participating in the next-best way – on Social Media. It’s difficult to keep up with all of the chatter (615 new posts referenced #CES2015 in the last 40 minutes), but as I scan my newsfeed, a few trends stick out to me: read more »

12 / 19 / 2014

David Bowie Is… A great marketing lesson


What can all marketers learn from the great David Bowie?

I recently had the opportunity to view the exhibit “David Bowie Is…” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

While I went in knowing what an amazing performer and overall beautiful man David Bowie is, I had no clue I’d walk out with an excellent lesson in marketing. read more »

12 / 11 / 2014

Marketers Are Mobile Hypocrites: Why haven’t marketers adopted mobile like consumers?


Matt recently wrote the post is Making “Waves” in BI and Analytics.  As the title suggests, Wave is Salesfore’s new data analytics tool which has placed a strong emphasis on mobile.  This got me thinking about whether or not mobile will make as big of a splash on the enterprise side of marketing as it has made on the consumer side. read more »