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2 / 27 / 2012

Innovation’s 20 Questions


From the start – this will qualify as a TL/DR.  If you want the fast view, without any detail, here it is.

At last, some simplicity around Innovation.  I’ve seen and evaluated a lot of frameworks for delivering innovation in the organization.  A lot of them are very pretty.  They are lofty and fluffy.  I wanted to take away all of that and give you something extremely practical and real.  Normal language.  No really big words.  Just a set of radically simple questions to help you determine if something should qualify to receive the time and attention innovation deserves from your organization. read more »

2 / 10 / 2012

12 Days of Innovation for Marketers – Day 12 – TED


“Every generation is a secret society and has incommunicable enthusiasm, tastes and interests which are a mystery both to its predecessor and to posterity.” - Arthur Chapman

At last, we reach the end.  For me, we saved the best for last.  Kevin wanted to start here, in hopes that what we said would encourage you to come along.  Instead, I view this as a gift for doing so.  In day 12, we want to inspire you to be better marketers, more happy and creative.  So we go to a trusted place, a favorite place.  One that challenges us and changes us as well, TED.  We don’t just like TED in our offices.  We kind of swoon over it.  What’s not to like?  There are brilliant people sharing the topics about which they are passionate and expert.  They gives us hope, they inspire us.  They educate us.  They make us think about potential.  There is no greater way for us to end 12 days of innovation by offering up some inspiration to begin. read more »

2 / 9 / 2012

12 Days of Innovation for Marketers – Day 11 – Five Innovation Communities To Watch


“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure. Einstein

These are not in any particular order, and run the gamut in terms of content.  The descriptions are from the companies, not from me.  I follow all of them to get a flavor of what’s going on, as well as receive in many cases, daily updates to so they can curate content that I might otherwise miss.  That said, you can always search out the topics of interest to you. read more »

2 / 8 / 2012

12 Days of Innovation for Marketers – Day 10 – Khan Academy


“America is the best half-educated country in the world.” Nicholas M. Butler

It’s ever so slightly hard to say this, because Mitch Joel absolutely beat me to it earlier this month, but it bears repeating.  There is no innovation without smarter kids.  His point was about marketing.  Mine is about innovation, but they are brother and sister, if done well.  So, the question becomes where are we seeing sufficient innovation in the education system that will allow us to have those math, science and analytically oriented kids come to us when ready?  Where is the funding, the insight and the wherewithal to redo education to bring us more people who can transform our thinking:  Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg? How can we enable every student to have at least the problem solving skills, and the interest in doing so? read more »