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3 / 5 / 2013

Google Glasses: Boon or Bane


Google Glasses for sale on ebay were priced at over $15,000. I find myself breathing a temporary sigh of relief. read more »

9 / 27 / 2012

Audi Gives Us A Different Kind of “Test-Drive”


Imagine walking into an auto dealership that didn’t have any automobiles.  Imagine sitting down in a black leather bucket seat, surrounded only by LED screens – but still somehow looking into a dashboard and out of a windshield.  What if you could reach out, push a button and “start” the car, turn up the music, feel the A/C blow onto your hands?  What if you could “lift” the hood and hear the engine run?

Audi just took a big step towards this type of showroom experience.  The first Audi virtual showroom opened in London for the Olympics.  When you walk into their virtual showroom, you will not be greeted with physical cars – instead, you’ll come across large touchscreens where you can select your preferred Audi options.  From there, your car will be displayed on the wall – yes, the entire wall.  You’ll have the ability to customize your car and purchase it right there – a more enjoyable experience than most of us are used to at a car showroom full of salesmen.   read more »

2 / 14 / 2012

Going Rogue: Innovators to Follow – Day 2; Augmented Reality


While day 1 started with an industry that is always adopting changes, today we are turning to an industry that is still in development.  Although augmented reality has been around for several years, it has not been until the last 2 years that augmented reality has really began to break through and truly benefit organizations.

So what really makes augmented reality so awesome?  Augmented reality allows us to put a digital layer on our physical world.  That is, we now have the ability to see what we used to imagine.  Do you want to see what those shoes will look like on you?  Sure!  Will that watch look too big on my wrist?  Let’s find out!  The business cases and advantages to augmented reality are endless. read more »