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5 / 26 / 2015

How to Tweet Smarter


In a recent blog post, Eric talked about creating a Twitter account to improve one’s personal branding from the perspective of starting a Twitter account as a young professional. One of the more important tasks required to create a valuable network is acquiring high value followers – individuals with whom you can create a professional network. read more »

12 / 15 / 2014

Resolve to Evolve


Now that your holiday offers are out the door, it’s time to look ahead to the New Year and make resolutions – or evolutions. Marketers know how to change, to ask themselves “How have the needs of my consumers changed? How do we respond to that in a way that is relevant?” read more »

7 / 30 / 2014

Data Security


In our world of tightened security in which TSA and NSA are organizations we discuss daily, is your organization too secure?  I support the ideals of these organizations: we need to keep the “good guys” in and the “bad guys” out. However, following the intention to keep the “bad guys” out can sometimes mean the “good guys” are kept out too.  In the height of the summer travel season, when TSA is scrutinizing a huge number of travelers and their belongings, it is the perfect time to examine your internal security.  Are your “good guys” being left out? read more »

4 / 24 / 2013

When Customization is Too Much of a Good Thing


As consultants, we are in the business of developing creative solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients. For most clients, there is an ultimate desire to have an integrated suite of tools because it makes for extremely efficient marketing processes, and leads to the maintenance of one marketing database i.e. a single system of record. read more »