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4 / 24 / 2013

When Customization is Too Much of a Good Thing


As consultants, we are in the business of developing creative solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients. For most clients, there is an ultimate desire to have an integrated suite of tools because it makes for extremely efficient marketing processes, and leads to the maintenance of one marketing database i.e. a single system of record. read more »

12 / 26 / 2012

Marketing Dashboards The Tableau Way


What is a Marketing Dashboard?

To paraphrase Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge, a marketing dashboard is “A visual display of the most important information needed to understand and manage one or more marketing metrics which fits on a single computer screen so it can be monitored at a glance.”  So why doesn’t every marketer want one? read more »

12 / 9 / 2012

Adidas may not be able to give footballers brains,


Embedded intelligence allows much better performance data to be traceable and usable for everyone from the professional athlete to the Sunday rugby player.

11 / 13 / 2012

Tableau Vivant! – 2012 Tableau Customer Conference Wrap-Up


I recently attended the Tableau Customer Conference in San Diego. The conference was a sea of knowledge that included breakout sessions hosted by both Tableau customers and Tableau employees.

Tableau CEO Christian Chabot opened the conference describing Tableau’s growth and the direction he sees for its future. read more »