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4 / 12 / 2012

Naked in Public


Face it,  you’re naked in public.  It’s not a bad dream, it’s our waking moments exposing our every intent and interest, until we are all well – naked.  Before I realized that Foursquare doesn’t give me very much in return, I was checking in across the planet, I gave them my location to tweet at will.  It let my team know where I was without me having to do it.  Call it convenient, call it lazy, call it risky, but you couldn’t call it unique.  Simply, because I allow Twitter and Facebook and so many other applications and even all of my devices to know where I am that I can be traced every minute of every day.  Or at least most minutes of most days.  I know I am not alone.  A friend accidentally left his phone on during a flight and he checked in over the Pacific Ocean.  Oops. read more »