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5 / 26 / 2011

Getting Smarter about Contact Management, Post 1


Over the last several months, we’ve found the Covalent Marketing team spending a considerable amount of time talking about Contact Management and Optimization.  I have found all these conversations to be educational, enlightening, engaging but challenging none the less.  The topic is vague, and while that leaves a lot of room for good discussion, it can be very frustrating too.  As you might expect, we have a perspective here, and I thought we’d take some time over the summer to share our insights with you. read more »

5 / 2 / 2011

Adjust to Your Horse


As marketers we work to understand our prospects, customers, sales lifecycle, customer lifecycle, product lifecycle and brand awareness. In the best cases, this keeps us in sync with the offers, advertising and social media we develop to share with customers. Predictive analytics helps us anticipate their responses.   But even after all that preparation, we still don’t know what customers are going to do. read more »

3 / 21 / 2008



Collectively we have become more savvy about when to contact our customers, but why have we not done the same regarding how we contact our customers?  Usually for compliance reasons, we all collect information about what marketing channels our customers will ‘allow’ us to use for contacting them; and subsequently we create internal “Do Not Call”, “Do Not Email”, etc. lists.  What if instead of making the acquisition of the customer’s channel a necessary formality, we saw it as the golden opportunity that it can be? read more »