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3 / 22 / 2013

The Fashionista’s Secret Weapon


It is very often that style comes at a cost (and not only financially). This trench coat not only looks good, but provides women with more than enough pockets to carry anything that they would store in a large purse. Thanks to its innovative weight management system, Scottevest has made it so that women can carry what they need without actually having to carry it.

12 / 24 / 2012

A Man’s Guide to Buying Products


Products – women love products! And I’m talking beauty related products. Some of us (Cristene) are fabulous at finding retailers that will cater to our girly needs and give us samples of new products. In October the ladies of Covalent went to Barneys in Chicago and were able to experience luxury in a welcoming environment (honestly ladies, go to Barneys). We all walked away gorgeous, happy with our purchases and of course with samples. When we met the men of Covalent later for a fun team building night, they gave their compliments.
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12 / 22 / 2012

There Really is an Art to Shaving


For my last contribution to #RetailLove in 2012, I’ve taken another trip to Oak Brook, IL; this time, to visit The Art of Shaving.  Much like my haircut, I haven’t changed my routine in a very long time.  read more »

12 / 21 / 2012

A Heritage Bike Experience


Ever been in a bike shop?  Yeah, me too.  For the most part, they are totally a get-in, get-out affair.  Unless you’re on a bike team with someone in the shop, or want a specific piece of advice, they don’t exactly lend themselves to lingering or comfort.

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