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11 / 11 / 2012

Characters welcome – 140 of them.


Social sharing – such as Twitter – is designed for relevant and timely interactions.  There is nothing in there saying you can’t have a personality and have some fun.  So, go and see if you can’t be a little more lighthearted with your social efforts.

5 / 11 / 2012

Handle It: Why Twitter Handles Belong in Your Database


(Note: B2B Marketers, this is most especially to you)

To a new generation email feels old and even “outdated.”  However, for many years now, email is the medium by which companies communicate from a digital perspective (more broadcasting that communicating, but I’m being aspirational).  Customers are all too familiar with it.  They can’t seem to put down their mobile devices or tablets long enough to lose their attraction to it, checking and sending email with friends and coworkers.  Clearly, despite some peoples’ desire to have email pass on to the great “old media bucket in the sky,” it remains.  I hear companies still talking about collecting email addresses so that they can communicate with customers to market a promotion, handle customer service issues and track product shipments, etc…so why aren’t companies talking about collecting a Twitter handle? read more »