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5 / 9 / 2013

The IBM EMM/Unica Suite: Which version to upgrade to…


Every 18 months or so, a software upgrade is released for marketing technology systems, including IBM (previously ‘Unica’). These upgrades can help increase performance, streamline marketing functions, and simplify IT involvement. To put them into place, however, is not generally an easy task requiring time, expertise, adjustment, and sometimes even the planets proper alignment. Over the years, I have done my fair share of software implementations and upgrades with various clients. These experiences, collectively, have given me a robust perspective on what many marketing organizations struggle through when presented with the many software versioning options under the cry of “Upgrade!” read more »

4 / 24 / 2013

When Customization is Too Much of a Good Thing


As consultants, we are in the business of developing creative solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients. For most clients, there is an ultimate desire to have an integrated suite of tools because it makes for extremely efficient marketing processes, and leads to the maintenance of one marketing database i.e. a single system of record. read more »

2 / 4 / 2013

Combine Your On and Offline Data


Combine your online and offline data. What a novel concept! It’s one that IBM is now making easier for marketers with the release Unica V9.

Back in September I sat in on a presentation regarding combining your online and offline data at IBM’s Smarter Commerce Summit.  It seemed so logical. People are using all environments available to them to make better purchases. They can read online reviews, and use in store promotions to get the best deals. So as marketers, we should be using both online and offline data to better interact with them. While the idea seems straight-forward, it may have not been the easiest idea to implement. Those datasets are often in different tools or even different data environments. read more »

1 / 30 / 2013

Farewell ActiveX, Hello Dojo!


With the advent of the Unica suite version 9, now known as IBM EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management) version 9, comes a slew of changes from GUI to added capabilities. Stanton made a great Unica V9 summation with his blog post here. The most notable change for me is the removal of the ActiveX component, and introduction of Dojo (enter angelic horns trumpeting as rays of sun break through clouded skies). read more »