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11 / 6 / 2012

The Privilege of Perspective


My 11 year old daughter has been showing horses on a global level for two years, prior to that she was showing her horse within Colorado only. Having just qualified for the North American championships for the second year in a row on her horse Jazzy, I recently decided to understand her experience and I SHOWED her horse Jazzy in a category for novice riders.  It was a stunning experience in empathy.  The awe, respect and empathy I now have for my daughter is overwhelming. How in the world can an 11 year old accomplish this on a global competition level? read more »

8 / 31 / 2012

Humans and Electrons – The Case for Selectivity


Let’s start the day with a bit of science.

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One of the biggest problems with looking at atomic structure is that electrons are shy. Similar to some tribes written about in National Geographic, they don’t like having their picture taken. They swarm about in a cloud of negatively charged energy, and then radically change their behavior the second someone tries to observe them (the jerks). read more »

8 / 23 / 2011

What one employee can do for your customer experience


What’s your customer experience worth?  And what can one person do about it?

How about making 50 people with thousands of nights’ stays willing to stand up for you? read more »

5 / 25 / 2011

Making Sense of Social Media Mentions – Insurance Industry Edition


As part of Covalent Marketing’s ongoing research into the insurance industry for our clients, we spend time listening to them on social media.  To do so, we rely heavily on Crimson Hexagon to stay abreast of how consumers view insurance and how they choose to voice their opinions.  Crimson Hexagon is a tool used to tap into billions of online conversations taking place in social media and uncover vital consumer opinions and insights. read more »