Campaign Design Innovation

Are your campaigns working for you? Or is your team working hard to keep pace and keep quality of campaign execution high? It’s no secret that there a fewer resources, less time and more customer channels to serve.  We understand the challenges you face.  We can help you adopt smarter, more efficient approaches to designing and managing your customer campaigns and marketing testing.

We’ve helped clients across the spectrum – some have made smaller yet highly impactful shifts and others have reinvented their approaches. Our proven process combines design principles that improve campaign operations, layouts, reuse and skills mastery with specific prescriptions to improve the way marketing tests are built and measured.  These approaches rapidly deliver knowledge that can be leveraged by more of the organization.


Providing you value

Working with us on campaign design innovation, marketing operations teams can:

  • Execute campaigns faster
  • Do more with your limited resources through efficient, consistent marketing processes leveraging re-usable campaign components
  • Get more trusted results as campaigns are developed with greater consistency and fewer errors. No more re-work or finger pointing
  • Optimize campaigns faster with easy-to-interpret, reliable results – without having to remember those pesky statistical formulas

Delivering Results

Focus on the big problems. It starts with quickly understanding your strengths and your organization’s challenges so we can hone in on the highest impact improvements that are practical for you. We look at how you develop, execute and learn from campaigns. This involves:

  • Campaign creation cycle and processes
  • Governance, quality and feedback loops
  • Use of Enterprise Marketing Management tools
  • Organizational roles and participants
  • Communications and contact queuing

Use better approaches to experimental design. Enable your team to become smarter, faster. Our Marketing Testing Toolkit makes it easy:

  • The data you need
  • Jargon-fee descriptions of testing principles
  • Easy-to-use calculators
  • Predictive modeling
  • Clear report analysis

Nurture adoption. We’ll work together to select the right tools and approaches that will be effective for your organization. Continuous innovation and ongoing adoption support are key – we’ll help set you up for success.

Getting Started. Regardless of which marketing platform you use, we can help you revolutionize the way your marketers build and execute campaigns to help you achieve your revenue goals.

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