Our People

What if you found a group of professional information and strategy geeks?  What if you could tap into people who exist happily and fruitfully developing, charting, clicking, scanning, compiling, processing and creating… all to bring you closer to your customer.  What if you had your very own stealth and geeky-cool team of pros who thrive on recreating, re-crafting and reorganizing the customer experience to make our clients the ones customers value.


Here we are.


Just the idea of bringing together your ideas, data and technology gets us giddy.  But you know what really makes us delirious?  Making it all come together in strategies that develop the customer value and loyalty you seek.

  • Hi, I’m Eric. Let’s work
    to make your marketing smarter!

    Dreams don’t work unless you do.  I believe things are rarely handed to people but, rather, success finds people who work hard and are passionate about what they do.  For this ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: insightful
    Things to checkout: newsmap.jp, ussoccer.com, youtube.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: anywhere as long as I’m having a laugh

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  • Hi, I'm Andy.
    Want to streamline your marketing processes?

    Sensible, multi-disciplinary thinker & innovator with a penchant for building sustainable working relationships between humans and technologies. Having worked alongside the early adopters, I understand how marketing technologies were envisioned decades ago ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Reliable
    Things to checkout: mental floss, amjmed, dpreview, and amazon.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: playing with my daughter Kalina

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  • Hey, I'm Susie!
    Want me to solve all your problems? Sure.

    There’s always a way – it’s a motto I’ve grown up with and live by. It is also a key mindset for constantly attaining my two great passions: knowledge and ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Devoted
    Things to checkout: dabble.co, coursera.org
    Outside of the office you may find me: Boxing or enjoying the fresh air (when the weather permits).

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  • Hi, I'm Ryan.
    Follow me to stay
    up-to-date on the latest marketing news.

    First thing you should know—I never sit still. Historically a major avenue to channel all this energy was through athletics. Now it is Covalent (which I co-founded in 2005), two kids and ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Engaging
    Things to checkout: TED, PGATour.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: Swinging my sticks on the golf course

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  • Hello! I'm Stanton.
    Want your campaigns to be awesome?
    Ask me how.

    There are people who get degrees in English or Ancient Civilization and then never use them when they make a career for themselves.  I don't have that problem but I rest assured ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Loyal
    Things to checkout: marketingexperiments.com, emarketer.com, espn.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: Going for a run

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  • Hi, I'm Jasper.
    Let's knock that install out of the park!

    Just do it! Sure it's the slogan for a major shoe brand but they're also words I've lived by all my life.  I like getting things done, even when they involve some ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Tenacious
    Things to checkout: techcrunch.com; engadget.com; www.tuaw.com; www.autoblog.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: Chasing the dogs on the way to the gym.

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  • Hi, I'm Liz.
    Talk to me to learn about
    Marketing Technologies!

    I’ve been a Marketer and marketing technologies for over 10 years and I have learned that marketing technology is only as good as the strategic plan put into place to enable it: ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Intuitive
    Things to checkout: Grocery IQ, Fandango
    Outside of the office you may find me: At the barn with the horses

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  • Hi, I'm Rita,
    let's talk about
    Big Data.

    I am a problem-solver. From day to day issues to mathematical proofs, I enjoy the process of working to find the best solution. Collaboration with others who share this passion make the ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Focused
    Things to checkout: fastcompany.com, ndnation.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: in the mountains hiking, biking, or skiing or watching Notre Dame Football.

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  • Hi, I’m Matt,
    Let’s make your customer interactions count.

    Being born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, I have always embodied the hard work ethic that represents the area. I am constantly working to challenge myself; whether it involves learning the ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Diligent
    Things to checkout: TED.com, AdAge.com, espnchicago.com
    Outside of the office you may find me: Out on the golf course or at a White Sox game

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  • Hi, I'm Debbie.
    I'll help you find the best Covalent offers.

    I am an optimistic and enthusiastic individual who has a drive for a lot of interaction. I am analytical and naturally inquisitive and always eager to expand my brain. But I also ... more »

    In a WORD, I am: Perceptive
    Things to checkout: Refinery29.com, Fashionablymarketing.me
    Outside of the office you may find me: Sunny Day: poolside, basking. Rainy Day: discount shopping, I love a good deal.

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