Ideal Customer Experience

Covalent’s Method to Assess, Strategize, Plan, and Engage Customers

We can help translate your brand into meaningful and differentiated customer experiences –the key is customer engagement. We use a three step method called Customer Experience Management 2020, because it helps you see more clearly.  Together, we will develop a defined and prioritized set of customer initiatives for improved customer interactions and organizational performance. We’ll also introduce the new customer experience design along with an experimentation model and templates to keep you in touch and learning about your customers. And finally, we’ll support these interactions with recommendations for continuously monitoring the social sphere for learnings – using our Listen::Learn::Engage::Harvest methods

We help you draw your customer experience and journey maps, aligning touchpoints, measures and volumetrics as we go.  That’s the baseline for starting.  However, we’ve found that the challenge for clients beyond that is putting them into practice – and that’s where the scorecards and initiatives help.  By aligning all the potential projects to a set of defined measures, our clients can focus on the more valuable efforts first. While addressing competitive threats and building their strengths into continuously winning propositions.

Customer Experience Strategies


CXM2020. Our approach to customer experience creates a simple and traceable framework for aligning your offerings to the customer’s experience through 5 steps; which are central to all of what we do:

  • Understand the customers wants and needs – rationally and emotionally
  • Explore multiple potential solutions and delivery approaches
  • Develop the right interactions based on iterative experimentation
  • Deliver through all channels consistently – fit for purpose and venue
  • Affirm the customer’s choices across all conversations

We examine what the customer brings to each of these unique interactions – and the potential responses.  There might not be one best fit, and new technologies make it wholly possible to enable different journeys with ease.  Understanding channel constraints and challenges allows you to determine what makes sense in each one and how to migrate customers to the best places to do what they want.
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Contact Management .                                 .


With the graphic customer journey mapping – and expected percentages of customers in each area, we can begin to determine how to maximize high value areas and redirect lower value ones, aligned to your marketing strategy,

Using visual approaches to understand customer contacts and their potential future contacts, we can model the streams for mutual value and organizational effectiveness.  Using Business Intelligence and Marketing technologies, we can show you the value of outcomes in the next touch, allowing you to redirect contacts into their rightful places.

Using a customer management dashboard for each of the key journeys, we can help you get a better handle on the effectiveness of each stream and each contact within it.  With that, you can begin to experiment with touches along the way to improve the effectiveness over the customer horizon.
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