The High-Velocity Organization

Driving you forward accurately and measurably


You can execute and measure the results of your marketing efforts faster and with greater accuracy. And that can help you accelerate your organization’s growth. Find more prospects, more touchpoints, and more channels. See your progress toward your marketing goals easily and quickly. Improve your ads, your creative, your direct marketing, your social media. As an example, Covalent Marketing has delivered more than 50% growth in speed to market, and up to an 806% increase in contacts.

Set your organization up for marketing success with two capabilities:


Marketing Process Redesign .                      .


Get the engine to accelerate your organization’s execution. Covalent Marketing will renovate your marketing execution to end rework, circular processes, delay, inactivity, faulty analysis, and reliance on spreadsheets. With a scenario-based approach that melds process and design thinking, we’ll transform your approach to inspire understanding and action.
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Marketing Performance Management


Use a dashboard that measures success and guides your course. Which campaigns are working? Is your brand really being cost-effectively developed? What tests should you run? We believe in using data to model your entire sales process – from initial brand exposure to first introduction, subsequent brand exposures, and final purchase – in a way that identifies the value from each company touchpoint. Learn which marketing activities are working and capitalize on that success.
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