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4 / 22 / 2015

Find the Music in your Marketing


Designing a marketing software solution is a lot like writing music. There are fundamental pieces that go into every hit single, and then there are also the unique aspects that tie it all together and make each and every song special. These principles can be applied to building a marketing solution in the same way as they can be to writing music (as demonstrated in the videos that follow). read more »

4 / 15 / 2015

Time to Create a Professional Twitter Account? Here’s How


Today, social media is perhaps the most accessible way to create a brand image.  For young professionals, it is important that we create our own brand image, establishing ourselves as subject matter experts in certain areas and contributing to meaningful industry conversations. Many of us that are young professionals today grew up with social media and have a well-established personal brand image. Now that we are getting more serious about work, however, we need to portray ourselves in a business-like manner because we now find ourselves in a world among co-workers and colleagues instead of just friends and family. read more »

4 / 10 / 2015

Tableau 9.0 is here!


The latest major release from Tableau is out and we have the scoop on enhancements now available in version 9.0. As an alliance partner, the Tableau team at Covalent Marketing got to beta test 9.0 and we have been waiting with baited breath to present the new features to you! Tableau made some very slick additions to functionality that enhance an already great user experience, allowing you to “stay in the flow” while exploring the data. Performance speed has been enhanced throughout both the Desktop and Server applications through improvements in the Tableau Data Engine by simplifying and reducing query caching running on the back end. read more »

4 / 6 / 2015

Technology Has Made You A Lazy Marketer!


The future is here and it’s awesome! Self-foaming soaps, car updates without taking it in to the shop, printing new limbs, etc.  On the flip side, it has made you forgetful, lazy, and sometimes even dumber.  Let me explain.  With the constant advances in technology to make things better, easier, and more efficient you begin to stop thinking for yourself. read more »