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7 / 1 / 2015

Developing the Internal Subject Matter Expert


Marketing organizations will often bring in consultants to do a specialized job, such as implementing a new software tool or a new process.  However, it is also important for your company to establish a business owner to be the expert after the consulting team leaves.  Therefore, cultivating an internal SME should not be overlooked when implementing a new software tool or process. read more »

6 / 29 / 2015

Client Success Series: Be Prepared


The purpose of the Client Success blog post series is to prepare you, the client, for the moment that your consulting team leaves. In the Client Team post, I identified the need to group people into roles and responsibilities. The topic of this post is simpler than most think: Be prepared! Really, that is it and the accompanying to do list is easy. read more »

6 / 22 / 2015

Client Success Series: Client Teams


The purpose of the Client Success blog series is to prepare you, the client, for the moment that your consulting team leaves. Yikes! One day, maybe sooner than you’d like, they will actually go and leave you alone with your beautifully configured software. Anyone that has left the hospital with their first born child knows what this feels like – you are newly responsible for something you have no experience managing. Do not fear, Covalent Marketing is here to help. The introduction post of the Client Success series describes the series and what will be covered. This post is the first of the series: The Client Team. read more »

6 / 19 / 2015

Big Data: Forget What You Think You Know


Big Data presents the promise of democratizing data out of hidden silos and into the hands of marketers without the need to rely as heavily on IT.  As is typical of near nascent innovations, the term Big Data has been overloaded, resulting in a muddled understanding of the concept in the minds of marketers.  Most often when a marketer hears the term Big Data they think “Don’t we already have a big data warehouse?”  This is almost precisely what Big Data isn’t.  Big Data is not more of the same; it is a totally revised approached to data querying. read more »