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5 / 12 / 2016

Covalent Marketing Peeps at IBM Amplify 2016


Next week is IBM Amplify and though I am not attending, this is my shameless ploy to get those of you attending to meet my Covalent Marketing peeps that will be there. We will have six incredible team members attending: read more »

5 / 11 / 2016

Enhancing Customer-centric Marketing with Tealeaf


The paradigm of marketing has undergone a shift from marketing to the masses to marketing to the consumer.  With the goal of having personalized interactions with consumers, marketers should be placing the customer at the center of their marketing efforts.

I have recently had the opportunity to learn more about Tealeaf, one of IBM’s Customer Analytics Solutions.  The capabilities of Tealeaf are many, but the implications of how it can enhance the spectrum of customer interactions is what really has me excited. read more »

5 / 10 / 2016

Moving beyond Omni-Channel Marketing to Omni-Interaction Engagement


Omni-Channel marketing is not new. For years, marketing organizations have been designing their strategy for campaigns to execute in every channel.  However there are challenges with Omni-Channel marketing that prevent organizations from truly delivering on their promise to their customers – a personalized customer experience.  read more »

4 / 29 / 2016

Cynic to Salesman – IBM Digital Marketing University


I attended my first IBM Digital Marketing University (DMU) on April 26th 2016 in Los Angeles. This IBM DMU was all about IBM Marketing Cloud. Being certified in Silverpop Engage (which is the core of IBM Marketing Cloud), I had the “what could they tell me that I already don’t know” mentality coming into this event. Case in point, my expectations weren’t very high and I was already thinking about the traffic on my journey home. Poor mindset to start a Tuesday morning, I know, but things changed once the buzz of Personalization started to fill the air. read more »