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8 / 18 / 2015

Work that project plan (to your advantage)


Project managers utilize project plans for a number of reasons, such as identifying critical tasks, assigning ownership, maintaining schedules, and status reporting.  Here are a few other ways a project plan can be a good baseline for an effort: read more »

8 / 12 / 2015

The Tire Pressure Rule


Having witnessed many internal IBM EMM implementations and sizing exercises, I’ve seen organizations either go full overkill or be Scrooges while spec’ing out their marketing platform infrastructure. Many sizing outcomes were usually based on the production system execution load statistics at a given point in time. Sizing in this way ultimately resulted in poor system performance and or overall high system ownership costs.  This can be easily avoided by following, what I call, the tire pressure rule. read more »

7 / 28 / 2015

The Myth of Multi-Tasking


Fact: computers are great at multi-tasking and people stink at it.  Yet somewhere along the way, you were conned to believe that you can process information like a computer and should embrace multi-tasking.  But why?  You probably had some boss who gave you multiple work streams and asked that they all be accomplished yesterday resulting in the off-handed suggestion to “multi-task.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if that same boss also told you to “sleep faster”! read more »

7 / 20 / 2015

Client Success Series: Change Management


The purpose of the Client Success blog series is to prepare you, the client, for the moment that your consulting team leaves. The previous posts have prepared you for how to position your project for success. This post will focus on how to create a change management plan to ensure you keep the momentum that the consulting team has helped create. read more »