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11 / 23 / 2015

EMM v8.5 is approaching end of life – Considerations for Upgrading


IBM has announced the end of service for EMM v8.5. Here’s some thoughts on what to do next. read more »

11 / 18 / 2015

Plan IBM Campaign like Chicago, not Boston


Folktales of Boston’s early city-planning describe it as being determined by the aimless wanderings of cows. The city is notoriously difficult to navigate, made up of curved, one-way streets with no foundation in the cardinal directions. Chicago, on the other hand, is one enormous grid radiating from a central point near the lakefront. Chicago’s streets run clearly north-south or east-west, making navigation easy whether you’re travelling on foot, by car, or by train. In anticipation of supporting rapid commercial and industrial growth, architects pre-planned Chicago’s urban design with several clear goals in mind. A sudden boom in popularity caught Boston’s planners off guard, resulting in an infrastructure so confusing it spawned urban legends. Do you design your campaigns like Boston, or Chicago? read more »

11 / 12 / 2015

Retailers Evolving Shopping Season With Changing Culture-Economic Impacts


Retailers are always competing to be the first to reach our wallets.  Black Friday used to mean opening stores early in the morning on the day following Thanksgiving to jumpstart the holiday shopping frenzy. Now, we have more and more stores, like Walmart, opening on Thanksgiving to compete for our holiday spending money.

read more »

11 / 6 / 2015

Pioneering Enterprise Cloud to Cloud Migration


We often hear organizations referring to “the cloud” as some sort of futuristic, alien-like technology that is ominously approaching.  The fact is, the cloud is already here and it’s not going away any time soon. read more »