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5 / 30 / 2013

DonorsChoose: Reading FUNdamentals


I decided to stick close to home this month. I chose to help Mrs. Jacobson’s class build a firm foundation in phonics.

Whenever I can I try and spend time volunteering and tutoring students in the Twin Cities area. I spend a lot of time with high school students, either trying to get into the college of their dreams or trying to just make it to graduation day. From my time with them, I understand the importance of building a strong foundation. It is both easier and more effective to build from this foundation than to go back and repair it down the road. read more »

5 / 28 / 2013

Data Share for a Healthier World


23 and Me has been around for a few years now, but I feel like it deserves some more credit.  For those unaware, 23 and Me is a DNA analysis service providing information and tools for individuals to learn about and explore their DNA.  There are 3 basic steps:

  1. Order your kit
  2. Provide saliva and send it back
  3. Log in and learn about yourself read more »
5 / 22 / 2013

Crowdsourcing for Marketing


Working on the Marketing Innovation study was a combination of education and verification of theories. One personal theory that was verified was that innovation doesn’t usually come from the top; rather, it is organically grown from all areas of a business. However, the tactic that CMOs struggled with is the ability to capture, conceptualize, and execute the best ideas. After putting considerable thought into this tactic, most of the ideas I came up with have been conventional, at best. read more »

5 / 21 / 2013

Goodbye Streetlamps, Hello… Glowing Trees?


This is being done by a group of “hobbyists”?! With the growing number of communal labs springing up around the country, there are  also groups of do-it-yourself bioengineers springing up as well. It would be incredible if someday there was no longer a need for streetlamps because the plants around us could emit enough light themselves.

To read more about this, please click here.