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8 / 27 / 2013

How Using Maps within Tableau can Deliver Quick Marketing Insights


As marketers, it is vital to know who we are communicating with and understand the effectiveness of our communication. This effectiveness is considered from the goal of delivering a maximum Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

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8 / 16 / 2013

Culture is the #1 Metric


We hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration into the 15 Metrics Every Marketer Should Know over the past 6 weeks.

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8 / 14 / 2013

Donors Choose Project August 2013


This is now my second opportunity to select our monthly DonorsChoose.org donation, and once again I have gravitated toward the arts, particularly the music department. The arts continue to be considered ‘disposable’ by many government officials and school districts across the country. I can’t help but go against the grain and continue supporting teachers like Mr. Stigger who promote the creativity of future generations by providing students with materials like instructional CD’s, music activities and classroom instruments. read more »

8 / 12 / 2013

Word of Mouth For Marketers


Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) – the measure of what degree marketing spending contributes to profit. What is the easiest way to maximize one’s ROMI? Spend nothing on Marketing, yet bring in a profit that keeps your company in the green. read more »