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3 / 25 / 2013

Your Car and Smartphone, Connected


Automatic provides drivers with a medium that gives easy insight into how their car is operating. At a reasonable price, this device can save you money that you might have spent on either gas or maintenance. Just watch the short video on Automatic’s home page and see the multitude of ways that Automatic connects you to your car.

3 / 22 / 2013

The Fashionista’s Secret Weapon


It is very often that style comes at a cost (and not only financially). This trench coat not only looks good, but provides women with more than enough pockets to carry anything that they would store in a large purse. Thanks to its innovative weight management system, Scottevest has made it so that women can carry what they need without actually having to carry it.

3 / 20 / 2013

Money at the Touch of a Finger


Cash will someday be obsolete. With gadgets like Square and soon PayTango, it’s no longer a matter of if, but when. These devices provide an easy way for customers to pay for goods and services without the hassle of carrying cash.

3 / 20 / 2013

Automated Life Outcome


It’s not unusual for me to find inspiration from highly unlikely sources, often ones not remotely connected to marketing functions. My kids watching The Jetsons brought to mind an interesting concept: Marketing automation is dependent on understanding when to automate everything and when to automate only what is important. read more »