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2 / 10 / 2014

Rebranding the IBM EMM/Unica Login Screen


In my years of implementation experience, I’ve noticed the growing trend of organizations and their interest in changing how IBM Unica/EMM looks to their users. From company logos on toolbars to custom login screens and navicons, these minor aesthetic changes really help integrate IBM’s MRM suite into corporate intranets. These changes also help with user adoption especially if the company logo is the first thing seen upon login. There are those who say that the IBM EMM/Unica login looks generic and just want to spice it up. read more »

2 / 5 / 2014

Advertisements Off The Field, Breaking Down The Big Game


Like every other red blooded American I was at a party this past Sunday to watch the big game with my nearest and dearest. We stuffed our bellies with wings, pizza, and chili dip while we all put our initials in squares hoping that this would be the year we get our lucky numbers and win the pot made up of our friends money. And of course, we couldn’t wait for the much anticipated commercials.

I think it was what happened off of the “official” playing field that was more impact-ful than some of the advertisements we saw during the game. read more »

2 / 3 / 2014

What is your success strategy?


Heading for a blow-out crash or a dynasty of success?  

US Alpine Ski Team news rarely makes the main stream media. When it does, it means one of two things: it’s an Olympic year or it’s really big news. This month, Lindsey Vonn’s withdrawal from the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia made big waves in mainstream news for both reasons.  read more »

1 / 29 / 2014

Covalent Marketing Celebrates International Puzzle Day!


The first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1760. It was a map on a sheet of wood and its purpose was to teach geography. In the early 20th century, newspapers figured out that if they included word and number puzzles that circulation increased. Today puzzle types are endless and everywhere. If you are a fan of the app Candy Crush, you are a puzzler. International Puzzle Day was founded on January 29th, 1995 to celebrate puzzles of all types, and our love for them.   read more »